Welcome to ‘How good is your business really?’

We believe passionately in supporting UK businesses of all sizes and sectors to improve their productivity. We want to start a business-led movement that helps you work with other businesses and experts to continuously improve how your business operates. Real business engagement is crucial to the success of our approach, inspiring practical improvements in how businesses are run on the ground.

But is productivity enough of a business priority?

Productivity growth in the UK following the recession remains elusive and a long way from being resolved. The answer must lie in helping more individual businesses to improve what they do? We must act now to develop business-led solutions fit for the challenges of a modern, fast changing and increasingly disruptive global economy. With thousands of businesses willing to act this will make a difference to UK productivity.

At the heart of this is more businesses of all sizes and sectors asking themselves, ‘How good is my business really?’ and actively seeking out ways to make their businesses better. The prize for those that do will be substantial, turning good businesses into great ones. If we can raise the achievements of our poor performers this could perhaps add £130bn in GVA to the UK economy each year. We have had the advocacy from the most senior business leaders within the UK and are confident businesses working together can make a difference.

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