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We want to create a business movement formed of thousands of businesses up and down the UK. Our invitation is: join us, to create better businesses and a better Britain!

We are looking to create a business-led movement that operates across the UK, focussed on creating practical business-led solutions fit for the challenges of a modern, fast changing and increasingly disruptive modern economy. To achieve this at scale, we need businesses of all sizes and sectors, and other partners, up and down the UK to come forward and get involved and unlocking the opportunity, perhaps adding £130bn in GVA to the UK economy.

How to get involved

The ideas and actions we have outlined are already supported by a wide and diverse set of organisations. We want to show what can be achieved when leaders set high ambitions for their business, their industry and wider communities. They are vital first steps of businesses committing to work together, and smarter to drive forward continuous improvement. By example, the stories and practical action we have started to develop through this project and have begun to house in our marketplace represent an invitation to the many thousands of leaders out there who want their business to better compete and their country to prosper, to join in making a change to Britain’s business climate. There will already be wider business-led action taking place of which we are not aware so we hope to add to the actions that we are already developing and to evolve business engagement over time.

The invitation is to join in: start by raising ambitions, measuring, improving, innovating, and then reaching out to others to share and collaborate. To get a better sense of who we have been working with to date, please check out both the ‘Business Leadership Groups’ section, and the ‘Wider stakeholders’ sections of the website.

We also want your feedback on how we can work better together to create a strong and vibrant movement that is business-led and focussed wholeheartedly on making real improvements for real businesses up and down the UK. To that end, we encourage you to offer your advice and comments about how we could go about creating a better business movement that is fit for purpose.

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