Where am I now?

The first questions we want a business to ask itself when using the business marketplace is: ‘where am I now?’, ‘how do I compare with my competitors?’, and ‘where can I improve?’.

The tools and products to help you do this are housed within this section of the marketplace. They will help you to answer those questions and better diagnose your businesses current performance.

The ‘How good is your business really?’ measurement tool helps managers of small and medium-sized businesses better understand their businesses and increase profits.

Based on answers to a few key questions, the tool will show you how your business stacks up against your peers and the best performers in your industry. Falling behind? No worries. Here, we bring you proper, practical tips on how to improve in the specific areas that matter to you!

‘How good is your business really?’ Measurement Tool 
Coming soon…

As the ‘How good is your business really?’ movement evolves, we will be adding more products and tools to this section of the marketplace. This will include case studies, videos, reports and technical tools and frameworks to help you assess how your business is performing.

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