What does good look like?

The second set of questions we want businesses to ask themselves when using this marketplace are: ‘what does good look like?’, and ‘what do my competitors do that we aren’t currently?’.

The tools and products that are housed within this section of the marketplace will help you to answer those questions and to understand what current best practice looks like.

The Manufacturing Productivity Framework has been developed by a group of Manufacturing businesses.

This identifies the actions connected to leadership and management that manufacturing businesses can take to improve their productivity. These actions have been brought together to create a simple framework to help leaders and managers to identify steps that would be appropriate for their businesses.

Manufacturing Productivity Framework
Coming soon…

As the ‘How good is your business really?’ movement evolves, we will be adding more products and tools to this section of the marketplace. This will include case studies, videos, reports and technical tools and frameworks to help you understand what good looks like for your business.

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